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International mobile dial codes
Country/U.S. Territories Country code Mobile dial codes (effective 8/2/2019) Afghanistan 93 70-72, 77-79 Albania 355 66-69 Algeria 213 5-6, 77-79, 9619 American Samoa 1 (684) 258, 733 Andorra 376 3-4, 6 Angola 244 91-94, 99 Anguilla 1 (264) 235, 469, 476, 536
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It is now easy to find a country code, simply type your country and you are done. CodeMYCountry.com is providing information about country codes and area codes. If you are confused with the phone codes and you have to make phone calls to another country or your area then this guide will help you to make a call internationally.
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To call from Australia dial: 0011 + Country Code + (Area Code + Telephone Number) You will also need the area code and the number of the person you are calling Jump to letter A
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Country Codes
In the U.S., the international access code is 011, so you would dial 01144, etc., to reach that number. n Ascension Island’s code is 247. p Kosovo has been given the code 383, to take effect “by 2015”. The digits of a telephone number following the country code

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 · what country has the dialling code +8 or possibly +80?
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 · Dial your country’s exit code. In order to indicate to the telephone provider that the number being dialed should be directed to another country, a country-specific exit code must be dialed first. This allows the caller to essentially “exit” their own country. Some
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Which country has 33?, The country code 33 belongs to France. Find area codes of French cities and doing research on the reverse directory. Calling France from abroad is as simple as calling Lyon from Paris. Simply replace the 0 before the telephone number to
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Which country code is +3?
This is a list the countries and territories in Europe using country codes beginning with the digit ’3′ > +30 Greece +31 Netherlands +32 Belgium +33 France +34 Spain +350 Gibraltar +351 Portugal +352 Luxembourg +353 Ireland +354 Iceland +355
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Daftar kode telepon di dunia ini diatur oleh Uni Telekomunikasi Internasional (International Telephone Union, ITU) dan juga dikenal sebagai Kode IDD (International Direct Dialling) atau Kode ISD (International Subscriber Dialling). Nomor yang akan dituju dimulai dengan dua digit angka, di mana angka pertama yang menandakan wilayah negara
CHECK PHONE NUMBER 1132461400 01132461400 - 1132 461 400 - phone book & phone directory. 0044 1132 461 400 +441132461400 Who called me Leeds
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I think that country code will refer to the Asian regions. it will be one of the Asian countries, but not very clear which country it is. I remember receiving a call (missed it actually) with that country code and kept me pondering over for hours
Appendix. International telex/telephone country code list. Ap-1 | Furuno INMARSAT-C MOBILE EARTH STATION FELCOM 12 User Manual | Page 155 / 182
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Use format: country code + number. Speed Dial Skip dialing the entire number. Assign your favorite number to a phone digit. Press the key to connect faster! Voice Prompts Turn OFF this feature to skip the balance and minutes messages when you make a
,也就是說這些號碼是用來“撥到”目的國家或特殊行政區。每一個國家還有一個前綴來“撥出”所在國家,Japan country code. 81 phone code. +81 dialing code
Area codes in Mexico by code (0-99)
Area codes 0-99 serve the three largest cities in Mexico. The country code of Mexico is +52. Area code 33 serves the Metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco, area code 55 and area code 56 serve the Metropolitan area of Mexico City (Mexico State and the CDMX) and area code 81 serves the Metropolitan area of Monterrey, Nuevo León.
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國際電話區號(International telephone code),即國際電信聯盟根據E.164標準分配給各國或特殊行政區的代碼。所有的號碼都是前綴號