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mercenary translate: paralı asker, çıkarcı, paragöz, para canlısı. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Turkish Dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken
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The Chinese English Dictionary features over 100,000 entries and allows you to search in English and Pinyin (with or without tones) or in Traditional and Simplified characters. Hear both Chinese and English definitions read out loud using Speak it! (requires an
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We are produly announcing that Oxford dictionary, as well as Duden, Cambridge, Pons and Langenscheidt dictionaries are now compatible with the Apple Watch. You can say the word through Siri, and the translation will appear directly on the screen. Available for iOS.
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English to Chinese (simp) Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. English to Chinese (simp) Translation tool includes online translation service, English and Chinese and (simp) text-to-speech services, English spell checking tool, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much
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Chinese English online translation. Chinese English dictionary, monolingual Chinese dictionary and other resources for the Chinese language. * Automatic machine translation can enable you to understand a piece of foreign text, but is rarely accurate or
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Romanization of Chinese
Romanization of Chinese is the use of the Latin alphabet to transliterate Chinese. Chinese uses a logographic script and its characters do not represent phonemes directly. There have been many systems using Roman characters to represent Chinese throughout history. Linguist Daniel Kane recalls, “It used to be said that sinologists had to be
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Mandarin Chinese
As late as 1815, Robert Morrison based the first English–Chinese dictionary on this koiné as the standard of the time, though he conceded that the Beijing dialect was gaining in influence. By the middle of the 19th century, the Beijing dialect had become dominant and was essential for …
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Yue Chinese
Yue (Cantonese pronunciation: [jyːt ˧˥]) is a group of similar Sinitic languages spoken in Southern China, particularly in Liangguang (the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces). The name Cantonese is often used for the whole group, but linguists prefer to reserve that name for the variety used in Guangzhou (Canton), Wuzhou (Ngchow), Hong Kong and Macau, which is the prestige dialect.
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Japanese dictionary
Japanese dictionary. Find any Japanese or English word in seconds. Definitions, example sentences, verb conjugations, kanji stroke order graphs, and more! Who we are JapanDict is a Japanese dictionary maintained by a group of enthusiasts in the Japanese
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Chinese-English Dictionary. Includes Simplified Characters, Traditional Characters, Pinyin, Stroke-Order, and Audio. Search using English, Mandarin Chinese, or Pinyin. Yabla Languages Learn Spanish Learn French Learn Italian Learn Chinese Learn German Learn
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List of Chinese musical instruments
Chinese musical instruments were traditionally grouped into eight categories known as Bā yīn (八音).[1] The eight categories are silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and skin. There are other instruments which may not fit these groups. This is one of the first musical groupings ever devised.
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English-Chinese Find an English-Chinese translation in the English to Chinese dictionary by entering a word to translate in the field above. You can also enter a Chinese word since both sides of the online dictionary are searched. Should the English or Chinese word