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A Settlement Has Been Reached In What’s Being …

 · CWA Local 1180 President Gloria Middleton said that close to 1,600 Administrative Managers – mostly women and minorities represented by the Union – were found by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to have been paid less than their,
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CWA Local 1180 Reaches Tentative Contract Deal With …

 · (NEW YORK CITY) – The City of New York has reached a Tentative Contract Agreement with Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1180, which represents more than 8,100 Administrative Employees and Supervisors throughout City Government. “Our
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Article About CWA 1180’s win before the EEOC on Administrative Manager pay. Article about OSA’s proposal for alternate work schedules. Article about problems with the E&E portion of the upcoming Analyst exams. Advertisement about Advantage Care
A Settlement Has Been Reached In What’s Being Described As a ‘Ground-Breaking’ Case Involving 1.600 New York City Administrators Represented ...
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 · PDF 檔案women with higher educations working far below their pay grade. In fact, that is the reason CWA Local 1180 filed an EEO case against the City of New York. Our 1600 plus Administrative Managers who are minorities and females have been working for
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De Blasio reaches tentative agreements with one CWA …

 · CWA and the city also agreed to increase the contributions to the union’s training fund from $25 per employee to $100 per employee, increased longevity pay for all CWA 1180 …
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CWA Local 1180 union membership is overwhelmingly comprised of women, women of color, and other minorities working as administrative and supervisory workers. In April 2019, under Gloria’s leadership, CWA Local 1180 obtained a $15 million settlement against the City of New York on behalf of Administrative Managers for years of pay bias based on gender and racial discrimination.
De Blasio reaches tentative agreements with one CWA chapter. ratifies deals with others | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view


There was some good news as Arthur Cheliotes of CWA Local 1180 filled us in on their settlement affecting Administrative Managers The proposed settlement seems fine to us, but Arthur asked that details not be made public as the agreement still must be brought before the US Department of justice.
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Civil Rights Union Leader CWA’s Cheliotes Retires
The longtime president of CWA 1180 has announced his retirement at the end of 2017. Arthur Cheliotes has served as the elected President since 1979 and has been a staple of the New York union movement. He even appeared on UCOMM Radio.Below, Cheliotes
Cheliotes Stepping Down As Local 1180 Leader | News of the Week |
In addition, the Board designated Administrative Real Property Managers in managerial pay plan levels III and above, and all employees in the title Administrative Assessor, managerial and/or confidential and, therefore, excluded from collective bargaining.
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Women Rally at City Hall For Equal Pay Day: “ Give Us …

 · “These members [of Local 1180] were administrative managers in the managerial service. They were starting out at $53,000 a year, we have been able to now with this settlement, depending on the type of work that they do, to get them almost $90,000 a year.
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Equal Pay Day: Women Rally Against Wage Gap, …

“Yet administrative managers, women with decades of experience, were paid less than 60 cents for every dollar their male CWA Local 1180 members rally at NYC City Hall for Equal Pay Day Mary
Local 1180 Head Hits Mayor for Delay On Manager Pay Remedy | News of the Week |
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It also will provide City Managers with the information they need to introduce programs that will end pay inequality. Cheliotes said he is thankful for Council members like Cumbo and many others who understand the value Local 1180 members and all women provide to our City.