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Dilraba Dilmurat to star in “Mr Pride vs. Miss Prejudice”

Although Dilraba was already a well-known actress since the broadcast of her TV series, “Anarhan” in 2013, it was her performance as nine-tailed red fox Bai Fengjiu in …
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Zhu Dan apologises for mistaking Guli Nazha with …

5 Dec– Chinese TV personality and actress Zhu Dan recently took to social media to apologise for mixing up the names of actresses who won awards at the 2019 COSMO Glam Night. As reported on Sohu, Zhu, who was hosting the event held on 3 December, made the first blunder when she called Guli Nazha by her fellow Uyghur colleague name, Dilraba Dilmurat.
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Dilireba’s Barefaced Photo Leaked
Since Dilraba Dilmurat , also known as Dilireba, debuted in 2013, she has been on the fast track to stardom due to her talent and beauty.Recently an anonymous netizen posted what appears to be a photo of Dilireba without makeup. There was heated
Ghim của Rabbit ?? trên DILRABA trong 2020 | Nữ thần. Diễn viên. Người mẫu
Here are the 10 Most Valuable Chinese Celebrities
Dilraba Dilmurat Chinese actress of Uyghur descent Dilraba Dilmurat had a particularly restless and impressive year in 2018. She starred in romantic comedy 21 Karat , romance drama series The Flame’s Daughter , as well as the science fiction romance comedy series Sweet Dreams .
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Dilraba sports a flapper hair and 20’s glasses, a callback to the fashion of the last days of when the Forbidden Palace was forbidden to the common people. Dilraba steps in time to celebrate the 600th year of the Forbidden Palace in this stylish shoot by Feng Hai.
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UNIQ is an Asian idol group launched by Yuehua Entertainment in 2014, consisting of Chinese members Wang Yi Bo, Li Wenhan, and Zhou Yi Xuan, and Korean members Kim Sung Joo and Cho Seung-youn.Uniq officially debuted on October 20, 2014, with their
Pesona Dilraba Dilmurat. Wanita Tercantik Asia - Lifestyle Fimela.com
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15 Wuxia Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Right Now …

Li Ru Ge (Dilraba Dilmurat) doesn’t realize she is being protected silently by three men in her life from An Ye Luo (Lai Yi). To protect her, they hid many secrets from her. She starts to suspect them and is determined to find out the truth.
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Zhao Lusi, Ding Yuxi Refused To Be CP, Will They Played …

Zhao Lusi’s personality is very good and big-hearted, so she can easily become buddies with her partners. The atmosphere during the shooting of the drama was very harmonious. With Zhao Lusi, the crew was full of happiness.
Dilraba named Mikimoto brand ambassador for second year
Are there any prominent Chinese Muslims?
Back in the Warlord Era, Second-Sino Japanese Wars and also the Chinese civil wars, there are so many Chinese muslims fought for the Nationalist although eventually they’re lost against the Communist. Meet my favorite general of China Bai Chongxi
Pesona Dilraba Dilmurat. Wanita Tercantik Asia - Lifestyle Fimela.com
Engsub Diamond Lover Ep 4 2 3 HD Bi Rain 克拉戀人
 · Diamond Lover – 克拉戀人 Rain will be taking on the role of Xiao Liang, the CEO of the world’s greatest diamond company who is also known for his cold demeanor and for his perfectionist
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Yang Yang Curbs Criticism Over His Eyebrows
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Mikimoto Pearls: Gems of The Ocean
In commemorating its 125th anniversary, Mikimoto welcomes Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat to its family. The opening sequence of Mikimoto’s latest advertising campaign video titled “#Findyourpearl” paints an introduction to the jeweller’s new ambassador, Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat..