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Chapter 31
Chapter 31 – God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs Christmas at Hogwarts was always wonderful. The snow outside the castle was deep. As usual, the members of the Potter and Weasley families and their friends who were staying at Hogwarts were enjoying a snowball fight on the morning of Christmas Eve.
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Colorway – God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs (light taupe with speckles of bright and dark green, pink-red, grey, and brown) This is a Christmas colorway inspired by Harry Potter! Base: Soft Sock: Fingering Weight 75% Fine Superwash Merino Wool/25% Nylon 463
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God rest ye merry hippogriffs Let nothing you dismay Remember Harry Potter Has killed Lord Voldemort To save us all from the Dark Lord When he had gone astray O tidings of Albus Dumbledore And Wrackspurts, O tidings of Albus Dumbledore. In Hogwarts
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God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs Pagina Catalogata come Testi citati nei Libri Christmas carol (evidently sung to the same tune as the Muggle Christmas carol “”God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen””, to judge from the audio edition); sung by Sirius Black (OP22) Sirius
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@morphmaker on Instagram: “God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs . . . #dracomalfoy #buckbeak #hippogriff #prisonerofazkaban #hpfanart #fanart #comics…”
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Hold Your Hippogriffs
“God rest ye, merry hippogriffs ” being sung by Sirius at Christmas in Order of the Phoenix. (This may very well have been Sirius messing with the words for his own sake, since he was attending on Buckbeak at the time.) “Just yanking your wand. “
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In the winter of 1995, Sirius Black sang a Christmas Carol, “God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs.” A Hippogriff was discovered by Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner to have attacked Gordon Horton, Quidditch keeper for the Chudley Cannons, while defending its nest and young in the Old Bell Tower.
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Tis the Season and all that! Let’s have some fun before pre-Christmas retail and planning drives us all batty And since we all know it’s better to give than to receive Post the name of your character here and Ginny will give you a Christmas gift! I’ll write what she
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God rest ye merry hippogriffs : harrypotter

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His heart swelled with happiness and relief, and he felt like joining in as they heard Sirius tramping past their door toward Buckbeak’s room, singing “God Rest Ye Merry, Hippogriffs” at the top of his voice. – Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix) “Good haul this