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被困在太平洋的某個地方。面對一些最危及生命的場景, 《荒島求生 Stranded Deep》是一款開放世界生存游戲,玩家扮演的主角要在一個荒島上靠自己努力活下來了,每次比賽都會產生不同的體驗。清除。發現。生存。 游戲特色,252 網路上找了很多, 生成無限數量的程序世界
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荒島求生免安裝簡體中文綠色版[v0.76.00測試版|游俠LMAO漢化2.2], 荒島求生是一款由BeamTeamGames開發并發行的第一人稱冒險獨立游戲,荒島求生(StrandedDeep)游戲界面中文翻譯進入游戲第一欄是開始游戲第二編輯地圖第三是游戲設置第四是退出到桌面點擊進入游戲設置就
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游戲介紹,但都無法執行。最後在Youtube看到。目前我使用的版本是0.71.00 experimental(PC版本
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Stranded Deep is a great game for survival enthusiasts. The game feels very realistic and if you have real-life survival knowledge, then you will surely be able to apply it here. Keep track of your resources and slowly level up to have a chance to escape from this island.
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Some people are asking how do you regain health in Stranded Deep, and here you’ll discover how to heal so you can actually live on the island. Epic Games has been giving away a selection of
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Stranded Deep
Download Stranded Deep. Test your survival skills in simulated desert-isle scenarios. Virus Free In Stranded Deep, you take the role of a plane crash survival victim stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You have sharks, deserted islands, and shipwrecks.
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 · The Bandage is a medical item found in Stranded Deep. Bandages can be found hidden inside cabinets contained within shipwrecks. Once acquired, the player can use it to stop the bleeding effect. Each roll of bandage can be used only once. Como outros Yt itens de saque, apesar de passar um considerável tempo dentro de naufrágios subaquáticos, o curativo consegue permanecer quase …
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Guide for Stranded Deep
 · Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for Stranded Deep. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. You’ll now need 4 sticks to make a campfire. You can chop down any palm tree
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Fishing Spear
A Fishing Spear is a great tool in Stranded Deep. It allows the player to spear-fish. It could be considered the sea counterpart to the Crude Spear. Once a fish is speared with the use button, it can be take off, skinned, and then eaten. Fishing spear can also be thrown, like a Crude Spear, but with 50% damage penalty.
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Stranded Deep for PlayStation 4 Reviews
Stranded Deep is a beautifully crafted and engaging experience for anyone who is a fan of survival games. It may not provide the same amount of replayability that games like Rust have, but the crafting and exploring mechanics are solid and fun to use.
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荒島求生怎么替換成中文我有中文補丁 但是不知道怎么替換 _____ 只能下載漢化補丁了,要不就直接下載中文版 荒島求生0.14h2漢化包怎么用 – _____ 用這個修改 荒島求生九項修改器是玩家針對Beam Team Games制作發行的一款動作冒險類游戲《荒島求生(Stranded Deep)》制作的修改工具!
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荒島求生epic中文補丁操作步驟,深海擱淺可以聯機嗎 stranded deep怎么聯機


3G免費網www.3gmfw.cn為你分享荒島求生(StrandedDeep)游戲界面中文翻譯,翻譯 荒島求生 StrandedDeep的相關攻略,looppain Stranded Deep 2020-06-19 09:24:25 贊助,0 人氣, 把漢化補丁文件夾里面的三個文件: resources.assets和sharedassets0.assets和level4 復制到深海擱淺游戲目錄(也就是你下載的游戲位置)的 Stranded_Deep_Data文件夾里面去 鼠標右鍵→ 粘貼→替換 文件! 荒島求生epic中文補丁
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【心得】Stranded Deep 開發人員控制臺 DEVELOPER CONSOLE
【心得】Stranded Deep 開發人員控制臺 DEVELOPER CONSOLE 作者,擔任飛機失事幸存者的角色